Day Clinics

The Healthcare System In Africa

With 54 countries on the African Continent, each of which has a different economy, government and approach to public health care, it is difficult to summarize a “standard” of health care BUT, there are some things that we know for sure:

Poor infrastructure in rural and remote areas of African countries means that adequate healthcare provisions are unlikely if not impossible to access by the respective residents.

Even where private facilities are available, the costs associated with medical treatment are unaffordable to most and these facilities require a cash deposit before treatment – even in an emergency.

There is a chronic shortage of healthcare workers, who are unequally distributed, with more healthcare workers living and working in urban areas than rural areas.

It is mainly major cities and “tourist areas” that are more likely to have good medical facilities, university hospitals and specialist care centers.

Despite progressive policies of many countries, many challenges such as limited funds for healthcare, high burden of disease and staff shortages, the rates of poverty, inequality, and poor distribution or resources in rural areas impact the healthcare system as these are intrinsically tied to economic policies and infrastructure development.

African countries still face severe challenges from communicable and non-communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, malaria, HIV/AIDS and malnutrition.

African Hero Day Clinics

African Hero has 3 proposed designs for day clinics. All our designs utilize recycled shipping containers as the basis for the structure allowing for faster construction and implementation times and ensuring we contribute positively to preserving the environment.

All of our day clinics (and schools) are fully serviced with electricity provided through solar power with back up in the form of a generator. In addition, a fully operational water purification and filtration system is included. All day clinics are fully air conditioned to provide a temperate atmosphere for patients and staff and we will ensure that all clinics will be run by senior nursing staff.

Our clinics come integrated with technology based medical diagnostic and treatment equipment including ECG’s, Dynamic Monitors and Rapid test kits integrated into a cloud-based patient management system. This allows doctors to treat patients at these clinics virtually utilising the diagnostic information gathered by nurses. By using machine-learning and artificial intelligence this software works to assist doctors in finding an accurate diagnosis. All data gathered by this system is handily converted into fully analyzed packages that can be used to evaluate the performance and efficiency of each individual day clinic.

Our day clinics come with a built-in dispensary allowing patients to retrieve their medication at any of the sites.

Staff accommodation is always provided on site to allow nurses to be on site with enough ablution facilities and storage for personal items.

The day clinics are properly secured making use of CCTV cameras, high quality fencing and reinforced doors and windows.

Covered waiting areas at each site allow for patients to wait in areas of comfort.

Facilitation of 50 patients per day.

2 consulting rooms.

Staff compliment of 2 nurses, 1 pharmacist, 1 receptionist, 1 maintenance officer and 2 cleaners.

Facilitation of 100 patients per day.

4 consulting rooms - which consists of 3 standard rooms and 1 women’s’ wellness room designed to provide essential tools to women regarding sanitary ware, sexual health and education and to provide counselling for gender-based violence and other crimes.

Staff compliment of 4 nurses, 1 pharmacist, 1 receptionist, 1 maintenance officer and 3 cleaners.

Facilitation of 120 patients per day.

5 consult rooms - which consists of 4 standard rooms and 1 women’s wellness room.

Staff compliment of 5 nurses, 1 pharmacist, 1 receptionist, 1 maintenance officer and 3 cleaners.